Shibuya Sight Ultima CP PRO 400-6A
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Polygonal Carbon Extension【Patent pending】
ULTIMA CP PRO's carbon extension features a radical new design redefining vibration elimination.
The ultimate goal of eliminating vibration through the shape of the carbon extension lead us to a fishing pole taper shape. Through it, ULTIMA CP PRO is able to eliminate over 80% of the initial excess vibration upon the shot.※By targeting vibration not only through material, but also shape, ULTIMA CP PRO offers a shooting feel like no sight before it.
※based on computer simulations

ULTIMA CP PRO includes, for the first time in ULTIMA history, a front detach block.
This enables the archer to have multiple scope setups prepared with corresponding second- and third axis settings and windage, and keep the X-Lock slider in place for single-distance competitions.
The ULTIMA CP PRO detach mechanism clamps onto the X-Lock elevation block with two "teeth" featuring polygonal dovetails. The result is a rock-solid connection that will not rattle loose no matter the amount of bow vibration, in a more compact construction than ever before.
Tool-less, rock-solid and reliable, leaving the archer with peace of mind to focus on competition!

ULTIMA CP PRO builds on the Integrated Offset Mount feature found in the ULTIMA CPXII sights, adding a third offset position. This expands the windage adjustment range by 30%, to fit a large variety of bow riser designs and scope sizes. By integrating the windage offset right at the elevation slider, ULTIMA CP PRO eliminates the need for additional offset brackets, and keeps the scope closer to the windage unit, eliminating excess torque!

ULTIMA CP PRO features a brand-new mounting mechanism to achieve a more secure lock than ever. By increasing the knob's diameter, and maximizing the contact area with the carbon extension, ULTIMA CP PRO's mount achieves a rattle-proof lock with less effort required than ever. Never worry about the knob coming loose again with this simple yet secure mounting system!

Both sides of ULTIMA CP PRO's elevation bar feature recessed metal sight scale plates.
Each ULTIMA CP PRO includes 8 double-sided sight scale plates, for a total of 16 scale options. Printed sight tapes can be used on the blank plate supplied.

The Scale Magnifier mounts to the flat shelf indicator’s groove, enabling higher precision elevation adjustments than ever.
(sold separately)

Thread Size 10-32
Mass Weight 265 gram
Elevation Length 4 inch
Extension Length 9 inch
Material Carbon extension and 600 series aluminum alloy
Handedness LH, RH
Included Accessories Soft sight case, mount screws, hex nut, hex wrenches, standard sight scale plate, 15 custom scales and blank plate, blank tape